B2B Email and LinkedIn Outreach

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How our process looks like?

We use a 6-step process that will make sure your emails land in the inbox, and also make sure that you connect with the contacts that are in your Ideal Customer Persona


Onboarding call

Initial call where we go in detail about case studies and successful projects that the client has and also discuss potential targets and outcome of the campaign


Outbound Infrastructure Setup

Setting up domains, email and LinkedIn accounts. All of these will be used in the outreach campaigns 


Setting up ICP (Ideal Customer Persona)

Based on the onboarding details, several customer personas are created and an outreach plan is defined


Data Validation and Campaign setup

Make sure that the contact list generated matches the ICP. Setting up the campaign in the automation sending tool.


Campaign Optimization

Based on campaign performance, each week we analyze results, and where needed, changes for the following week are applied



Sharing weekly updates on what was done and what were the results

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Service 1


Making  sure that your email lands in the prospect inbox, it gets opened and it is converted to a qualified meeting

Service 2


Connecting you with the right people at the right time

Service 3

Email & LinkedIn Outreach Consulting

In case you want to do this in-house, we can help you start your cold outreach today!

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“olbo was able to generate 10 meetings in a period of a month. We used just email outreach as a service, and from 10 generated leads, we were able to close 2 deal in a 2 month period”

Kelly Catherine

“The experience with olbo was very positive. They are very accurate and professional team that will help you generate sales results no matter the circumstances”

Amy White

“15 booked meetings in 2 months – 5 really hot leads – 3 closed! Just AMAZING”

Teddy Jackson

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